Kirill Medvedev

“I’ve seen crumbling ridges, and sea ports, and terrible towns.

But an asshole like you that’s something new.”

Kirill Medvedev is the hippest poet in Russia.

 Uncompromising, non-leader of an half-visible underground generation opposed to the values of Putinism—Medvedev was born in 1975 in Moscow.

To play within the system is to play by its rules. But you could choose to walk away—and that’s exactly what Medvedev did—renouncing copyright of his work and rejecting the literary world.

“Maybe I’ll say to youth, all demon-like, live where living is impossible.

Now that’s life.”

 For Kirill Medvedev everyone must know their worth—aesthetic terror is greater than moral terror. “Another story that must be told is about how a pet rat bit my penis.”

 Imagine Medvedev’s rock band Arkady Kots singing in a police van. Imagine Mayakovsky on electric guitar.

 “There are difficult times ahead.”

Kirill Medvedev work includes: It’s No Good, Incursion, Cocks of the Fathers, Texts Published Without the Permission of the Author, and For Eternity.

Kirill Medvedev resides in Moscow. 

27.10.2017 | Kirill Medvedev | Diskuse

Z revolučních básní Kirilla Medveděva

Kirill Medveděv vystoupí v sobotu 11. listopadu 2017 v Senátu PČR ve 19.30 a v pondělí 13. listopadu 2017 v Anežském klášteře. Více informací najdete zde.